Here is the description of all Zurich and Lausanne events during which you can get qualified for Challenge 18.

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Events in Lausanne


THE RACE [11/10/2017]

As every year, you can try to qualify by participating in the famous CHALLENGE RACE! Wondering what is it ? An obstacle course of all kinds to challenge you. We are waiting for you!



The one we all look forward to, where the most seats for Challenge are distributed! The concept is the following: a dance floor, a stage, disguises and mini-games. Come and show us your talent! More information will come in due time …


SKI WEEK-END IN ZINAL [15/12/2017 – 17/12/2017]

If you want to win your Challenge spot thanks to your ski / snowboard skills, this is what you need. Each year, the Erasmus Student Network of EPFL organizes a Ski Week End in Zinal, during which a race takes place. The winners are qualified for Challenge ! You can either participate in the all weekend or only come for the Saturday race!


LAST CHANCE [07/12/2017]

For latecomers, there is a last chance to qualify for Challenge at a club night. Come, pay attention and participate! More info on due time.

Events in Zürich


CHALLENGE-RUN [12-10-2017]

Also this year the Challenge-Run is the first chance to qualify for Challenge in March 2018: A race, at Hönggerberg, where you have to do different task at different stations, that test your endurance and your sportiness, but also your creativity, ambition and team play. The ancients Challenger will challenge you and your team and try to beat you. We are looking forward to see you there!



Do you want to qualify for Challenge? You want to experience an unforgettable party? If yes, come to the Anmeldefest and win a spot for Challenge 2018. We prepare for you and your competitors a lot of different tasks and challenges, where you can proof your skills in many different ways. But attention! Your commitment is required! The number of spots to win decreases with every game. Between the games we are going to party hard!

For more information, here is the link to the Facebook event