Hey future Challengers and dragons at heart! We are looking for you, the second Online Challenges Week is here! 🥳🙌🏼😍 Tell your friends so they can join as well.

Option 1:

Participate in as many challenges as you can & you will get a point for every time you participated. 
The amount of points you have is the amount of time your name will be in the goblet. At the end of the week we will pull your name out of the goblet, completely by chance. But the more times your name is inside, the more chance you have of being a Challenger!

-> The challenges are being posted on Instagram everyday.

Option 2:

Win one of the two “big” challenges which take place over the whole week. If you win you will get qualified directly for Challenge. But you will only know at the end of the week! The ‘big’ challenges of this week are:

  • 1. Climb around a table (at least 1m wide) without touching the floor! The one who does it the fastest gets qualified directly!
  • 2. Show us your strava week (or runtastic etc…)! To make it measurable please focus on jogging this week

If you have participated in the Fisherman’s Friends Online challenges or the 2-Week challenges, your points are being kept and transferred to this week! Send us your picture or video via DM on Instagram or mail (

Good luck and may the odds be in your favour!

#challenge21 #dancedragon