Challenge 2020 final cancellation

Dear Challenge Family,

First and foremost the 2020 committee would like to thank you for your patience, your support and your motivation despite everything that was thrown at us this year. It yet again proves what an amazing, powerful and heartwarming thing Challenge is; this truly is a family.

So many hearts were broken when we had to announce the cancellation of the original Challenge 2020 in March, not least our own. So much work had already been put into this event, from the Challengers, the staff and of course the committee, so being forced to put all of that aside 3 weeks before the planned date was very emotional.

Not to be discouraged, the committee decided we didn’t care what it took, we wanted to bring our Challenge to the world and so, often joked about but never realised, a new event was born : Summer Challenge. Of course, Challenge being a skiing competition, there were quite a few changes that had to be made; replanning the entire sports side of the event, rethinking the Hotpoint, … But the committee gave it their all and went to work creating crazy ideas.

Then EPFL set the exams for the end of  August, and while this was normal for ETHZ students, the Lausanne committee hadn’t anticipated that difficulty. Still awaiting the actual exam dates we tried to get everything ready that we could amid all the unanswered questions: ‘would the Challengers be available?’, ‘would the staff be available?’ and, of course, ‘would the event even be allowed in the current climate?’. We had to work as fast as possible but as slowly as necessary to organize an event in 3 months but without having any certainty that it would happen at all.

After countless questions, meetings and discussions we finally got an official joint ruling from EPFL and ETHZ, the event would not be allowed.

The committee was heartbroken yet again as I’m sure you all are. We had been so looking forward to bringing something new albeit non-traditional to the history of Challenge but at some point you have to learn to let go. We had so many amazing memories from this year : the Race under pouring rain, the Run below freezing, the Soirée de Selection with amazing space costumes and decorations, the Anmeldefest with a fantastic pirate theme, Stuggi, the Soirée de Chauffe, Back to School, … I could name a thousand more.

The entire Challenge 2020 committee thanks you for coming on this journey with us. And though we pass the torch on to the amazing 21 committee who you have seen presented over these past few days we know that Challenge Never Ends and we will keep Challenge 2020 in our hearts as The Greatest Challenge That Never Was.

Best of luck to Challenge 21 we know you will do an amazing job,

The Challenge 2020 committee