Challenge Run 2018 in Zurich

Challenge Run like never before!

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We are excited to introduce an all new Zürich Challenge Run!! The course will start and end on the Piazza in front of the HCI building and be accompanied by some great music, bar and grill for everyone.
Waiting for you will be various obstacles of different heights, lengths and wetness.
Starting off with a climbing part you’ll have to make your way over more than a hundred tires. After that hard part you may take a refreshing (skinny)dip in the pool. Don’t rest for too long because you have to do some more climbing. This time it’s made out of straw! For a short relaxation you can slide down the 60m long SlideMyCity WATERSLIDE. Through a slalom you’ll get back to the piazza where you’ll face the last challenge, one of our biggest attractions – our SNOWRAMP! Do you have what it takes to complete that course?

Have a look at the trailer:

There are two categories you may enter in. In one you will have the chance to win a place in Team Zurich at the Challenge 19 and is only for non-challengers. The other is open for everyone including all Challenge Alumni.

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Never heard of Challenge before?
Challenge is a once a year four day snow sport event, where 50 students of the EPFL and ETHZ compete against each other hoping to take home the famous challenge trophy. Apart from the ski and snowboard races there are various other smaller challenges and legendary parties, where all Challenge Alumni are also invited. The four days are an unforgettable event filled with laughter, sportsmanship and endless music and parties.
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