Hello to you future Challenger ! The FINAL SELECTION WEEK is here, and it replaces the usual SOIRÉE DE SÉLECTION. It takes place from Monday November 23 to Friday November 27. Find out here the chances to qualify and tell your friends so they can join as well!

You have two options to try to be selected to represent EPFL.

Option 1: Participate in as many challenges as you can to add your name to the goblet of hope. At the end of the week, we will draw the names from the goblet. So the more you participate, the more your chances of being qualified increase! There is one challenge per day and you have 21 hours to complete them.

-> The challenges are being posted on Instagram everyday.

Option 2: Win one of the two “BIG CHALLENGE” which take place throughout the week. If you win you will be directly qualified for Challenge. If you don’t win but have participated your name will still be added to the cup! You have all week to send us your best video.

Send us your videos by email, by direct message on instagram or via facebook.


If you have participated in the FORUM-ONLINE-CHALLENGE WEEK or the 2-WEEK-CHALLENGES, your points are being kept and transferred to this week!


Send us a video of you where you put as many t-shirts as possible on you! will you be able to do better than Ananda who put 21?


Send us a video of yourself in which you complete the following challenge as quickly as possible: pull up a spoon attached to a one-meter thread as quickly as possible using only your mouth. Film the moment you measure the wire!

CHALLENGE # 1 Monday, November 23, 2020
Send us a video of you performing 3 flips cups in a row!

CHALLENGE#2 Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Send us a video of you doing your morning routine BLINDFOLDED

CHALLENGE#3 Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Send us a video of you doing a magic trick with a mythical PG

CHALLENGE#4 Thursday, November 26, 2020

Send us a video of you where you try to fool one of your relatives with a classic trick!

CHALLENGE#5 Friday, November 27, 2020

For this last challenge, a theme a bit large: send us a video or a photo of your best dragon! (drawings, cooking, hiden-cameras, etc.)