Challenge is a snowsports competition between the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ). Since 1991, it has gathered thousands of students from the two universities in different ski resorts throughout Switzerland. The goal is to create a bond between the two universities, but also to put sparkles in the participants’ eyes and create everlasting memories in the hearts of future scientists.

Challenge Timeline
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On Thursday, you shall embark upon the most enchanting odyssey of your existence. A mystical locomotive, ablaze with pulsating energy, will guide you to the first battle of your journey. As the wheels of destiny turn, you shall traverse the ethereal expanse and arrive at the fabled realm of Tortuga. United under the banner of anticipation, a warm embrace shall usher you into the heart of your final destination. In the sanctuary of Tortuga, a profound welcome shall unfold, setting the stage for your inaugural evening of Challenge. Brace yourself for a celebration that transcends the ordinary, a soirée where the boundaries of festivity are pushed beyond the limits of the known.


As the sun rises, awakening from the festivities of the night, the world transforms into a snowy wonderland. An inner fire ignites, propelling you to lead your school in the day's challenges. After a day filled with sports and friendly competition, a magical après-ski awaits, winding down the slopes. The pinnacle of the day arrives with the eagerly anticipated costume contest, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.


As the final day of competitions unfolds, the mystic inferno blazes upon the slopes, a spectacle embraced by the thunderous applause of the onlooking spectators. Unleash your utmost prowess, for tonight, the magnificent gala shall commence. Amidst the stars, the victor shall be revealed, and the celebration shall cascade into the mystical hours of the morning, an unbridled revelry echoing through the night.


As the sun sets on the third day of fierce competition, battles waged, and bonds forged, Sunday emerges as the day of enchanting revelations. A mystical energy beckons all to converge upon the hotpoint, a nexus of warmth and wonder, where skiing becomes a dance, games unfold with friends, and the whispered question lingers, 'Is this truly the end?' In the embrace of camaraderie, embark upon the final journey aboard the party train, a vessel of jubilation destined for the heart of your school. As the wheels of the train spin you will cherish the memories of those days forever.

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